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Glownix provides a full interactive multimedia 2D-3D  presentation designing, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard Animation and Interactive 3d Presentation Using Camera Tracking System. As with all our services we add value to your multimedia presentation designing.

We spend most of our consulting hours in understanding the need of the corporate presentation, goals to be achieved from the corporate presentation, personality of the individual who will present the corporate presentation to the audience, the behavioral mix of the target audience for whom the corporate presentation is prepared, the multimedia presentation environment, involvement of technology, budget used to prepare the corporate presentation etc.
Our 2D animators come from traditional 2D animation background and training with good illustration skills.

We can work on story board, concept sketches, background graphics, Character design, Character turnaround model sheet, Character Key Poses, Character lip model sheet, Character color model sheet and explore different illustration styles to meet the needs of the script.

We can help produce 2D Animated shorts/series for web and television, 2D Animation for Games, 2D Animation for Learning and Animations for marketing or corporate presentation.