From Pigskin to horse skin to roof tiles, just about any high or low res texture imagined can be designed for your models. Our custom texture image maps can be created in many digital formats and read in most PC/Mac 3D software packages. At Glownix, we understand that the popularity of normal mapping for real-time rendering is due to its good quality for processing requirements ratio versus other methods of producing similar effects.

Our team of experts maintains much of this efficiency by distance-indexed detail scaling. This technique selectively decreases the detail of the normal map of a given texture, meaning that more distant surfaces require less complex lighting simulation. Thus, the end result is perfect and satisfactory.
Studio Services
3D Animation
3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical, wire frame representation of any three-dimensional object (either in animate or living) via specialized software. Glownix offers 3D modeling to a wide variety of fields.

We have been able to prove our Creativity in 3D modeling in areas like:The movie industry which uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures. The video game industry which uses them as assets for computer and video games.

The architectural industry which uses them to demonstrate proposed buildings and landscapes. Glownix has been able to understand the necessity behind 3D modeling and implement it accordingly.
Engineering Illustration
Glownix dedicated team of animators use their animation skills to manipulate the digital models. In order to anipulate a mesh, it is given a digital armature (sculpture).

This process is called "rigging". Our team uses many other techniques for creating 3D animations, such as mathematical functions (gravity, particle simulations), simulated fur or hair, effects such as fire and water and the use of Motion Capture to name but a few. 

Glownix uses the latest up-to-date technology available for the purpose of environment animation.Our exceptional team of talented animators or the production personnel can effectively create highly detailed and natural animated environments.
Medical Illustration
Jewellery Illustration
Glownix Illustrations is one of the leading illustration service providers in the India where you can find well trained and highly skilled technical illustrators.

If you are in looking for a professional technical illustrator then we can help you.

By availing our service, you will get the assistance of our talented illustrators for creating eye-catching illustrations for your projects and according to your requirements.
Our medical illustrators are highly qualified and can assist you bringing your concept to life.

Our medical illustration service creates high quality anatomical, surgical, scientific and conceptual illustrations for teaching, journal publications, books, presentations and interactive media.

We possess extensive knowledge of human anatomy, as well as imagination, and proficiency in illustrative techniques.
computer graphics programs.
We are excited to provide a revolutionary service to the jewelry industry. Computer aided design has finally broken the barrier and is now being used as a custom jewelry design tool. Our 3D Jewelry Designer specialize in custom any designs, from sketch or even a picture, as well as the latest technology using cad-cam to better fulfill your needs.

We will work from a sketch or Cad drawing to provide your company with what you need to stay ahead of the competition.
3D Modeling
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Concept Art
StereoScopic 3D
We provide 3D interactive services that push the boundaries of interactive design to create differentiating user experiences.

Our 3D interactive services combine the impressive visuals of 3D with practical usability methods. We offer 3D interactive services for both web and other forms of media.

Applications include interactive interfaces for online/offline, product demonstrations, online games and web sites.
A combination of the commercial success of stereoscopic 3D on the silver screen, launch of consumer stereoscopic 3D TV sets and the ever growing number of stereoscopic 3D broadcasting services means there is a very high global demand for stereoscopic 3D film content.

Our studio team uses cutting edge technology to capture the content in the format you require.Our custom pipeline of capturing, editing and post software and methodology means we can remain competitive on price without sacrificing the quality.
Glownix provides Art direction, Concept art, Matte painting, Character/ creature designs, Industrial/mechanical designs,    Environments, interior and exterior, Weapons, props, other world objects and  Production illustrations.

We provide top shelf storyboard, character design, and illustration services, and because we are intimately familiar with most every media we can weigh in on any project whether film, TV, interactive or print and exceed your expectations
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