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For Cartoon animation, Glownix uses very advance skeletal animation techniques. There are several advantages of using these techniques for cartoon character animation. It allows us to control just those characteristics of the model that are independently moveable.
A character cannot move the bottom part of their shin independent of the top part. Typically a visual model for the shin will have different elements that the animator would otherwise have to coordinate. Using a skeleton allows the animator to ignore such issues and focus on the large scale motion.
Glownix also produces Morph target animation (per-vertex animation). This is a method of 3D computer animation that is sometimes used as an alternative to skeletal animation. Morph target animation is stored as a series of vertex positions. In each key frame of the animation, the vertices are moved to a different position.

Depending on the renderer, the vertices will move along paths to fill in the blank time between the key frames or the renderer will simply switch between the different positions, creating a somewhat jerky look. The former is used more commonly.

At Glownix we understand the advantages of using morph target animation over skeletal animation. The artist has more control over the movements because he or she can define the individual positions of the vertices within a key frame, rather than being constrained by skeletons.
This can be useful for animating cloth, skin, and facial expressions because it can be difficult to form those things to the bones that are required for skeletal animation.