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We provide 3D interactive services that push the boundaries of interactive design to create differentiating user experiences.

Our 3D interactive services combine the impressive visuals of 3D with practical usability methods. We offer 3D interactive services for both web and other forms of media.Applications include interactive interfaces for online/offline, product demonstrations, online games and web sites.

Interactive 3D on the Web

The Problem 3D on the web has been slow to adapt for two main reasons.
Using traditional techniques, interactive 3D demanded lengthy loading times since its development typically requires rendering 3D and then integrating it into an interface to create the illusion of real 3D. Not to say that traditional 3D interactive techniques doesn’t have uses, however they can cause a large amount of waiting time for loading and consequently a large amount of visitor dropout.Another problem was that technologies previously available required users to download additional software before they were capable of viewing content that used real-time 3D rendering.

These issues posed a barrier for companies targeting large demographics as the result was considerable visitor dropout rates.

Our Solution
Recent new developments has made it possible to produce real-time 3D in Flash. This means no more lengthy load times as all that is required to run 3D is the Flash Player. Since the Flash Player already has 99.1% desktop penetration, 3D for the internet has become a viable option.
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